Matthew Oravec + Ramirez Studio
A dynamic and modifiable design, this ephemeral shelter is comprised of a strict cubic geometry that gives way to a sumptuous, delicate interior void-space reminiscent of a womb. Defensive on the exterior, graceful and soft on the interior, the shelter gently embraces inhabitants. A simple design employing a minimal material set, The Womb yields a sober and pure experience for the user.

Plywood, stainless steel tubing and C-clips are humble, easily attainable materials that come together to form an intimate, contemplative space with a direct connection to nature beyond. Recognizing that materials themselves are sacred, the design creates zero waste. The negative shapes cut from the plywood are used to create additional pieces of furniture to be used in conjunction with the shelter.

To add both usability and longevity to the piece, the shelter’s design accounts for reconfiguration to better suit other uses later in life. A series of plywood sheets can be tightly sandwiched together or pulled apart to create different forms and feelings on the interior.

From certain vantage points it appears to be a solid mass, from others it is completely open air. The interior provides both shelter and connection. The sheets of plywood thin at the crown of the interior cavity, providing shade while simultaneously allowing for light and interaction between earth and the sky above.

With its garish exterior and plush interior, The Womb serves as a contradiction in design that spikes the curiosity and serves as a simple place for rejoicing, relaxing, and entertaining.

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