wind in the willows
Frank Stahl
wind in the willows
The structure consists of a series of similar wooden beams fixed on a base. The oscillating shape of beams transform the space gradually.
Interwoven in this structure are willow branches. The density of the branches decreases towards the roof. The branches provide privacy and protection against the sun. Structurally they give the structure the necessary rigidness.

construction principle
The applied techniques to construct the structure are very traditional.
To bend the wooden beams a technique is used similar to how boat builders treat the wood for the hull: hardwood lumber is treated in a steambox to bend each
beam precisely the angle according to its position. Once cooled off the beams remain in that form.
Weaving the willow branches in the structure is a age old technique for building shelter. Depending on the available material the intention of this structure is to skip the use of bolds or nails completely.

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