Repetition meets Difference | Stability meets Volatileness
matthias karch
Repetition meets Difference | Stability meets Volatileness
Our design reflects the original meaning of the word סכה sukkāh and the associated verb סכך skk, which, depending to it's relative context, means 'BRAIDED' or 'ACANTHACEOUS, PRICLY, SPINOUS BRUSH'. The word sukkāh than means not only a small hut, constructed by human beings, but even a natural thicket, a coppice, which functions, for example, as a hideout for lions.

Our sukkāh adverts to the famous KNOTS-studies of Konrad Wachsmann, a german, jewish architect and engineer. He was born in Germany, than had to emigrate to the USA during the second world war and lived in the USA since 1941. He designed the wooden 'Packaged House System' together with Walter Gropius. This building could be errected by 5 workers within less than 9 hours.

Wachsmann made multiple researchings to intelligent and UNIVERSAL KNOTS in the Universities of Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles.

Our design tries to get a real expressive shape out only of three wooden Wachsmann-KNOTS. The origin country of the kinds of wood, we use, is Israel on one hand (Olive) an USA on the other (Walnut and Maple).

The three kinds of simple wooden KNOTS generate an astonishing FREEFORMED MESHWORK, which stabilizes itsself by physically COMPLEXITY and INTERWEAVEMENT.

THe emanation of our sukkāh is at the same time FIRM and EPHEMERAL. So is the jewish ritual of the sukkāh.

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