Cornucopia Sukkah
Bill Caplan
Cornucopia Sukkah
The schach that forms the sukkah cover spirals from the earth creating a surface for sitting or sleeping, continues upward as the table, winds higher to suspend harvest bounty, ascends toward the stars and becomes its roof. The Cornucopia Sukkah is a continuous expression of flow from earth to ascent. Decoration of harvest bounty may be hung from its central swirl. As the schach spirals upward around itself, shade patterns of varying density project in the sukkah.

Frugal use of only three materials and pipe connectors make for easy erection and disassembly. Dimensioned with commercial 1-1/2" Schedule 40 or Schedule 10 Aluminum Pipe having standard bend radii and straight end extensions, frame pipe procurement is economical with fast delivery. The pipes are connected by in-stock tee, cross, linear, angle and adjustable fittings. Sturdy wood schach slats serve as seating while thinner lightweight wood is used overhead, all cut in 1-1/2" to 3-1/2" widths. Non-metallic pipe clamps mounted to the overhead slats, and metal spring clips mounted to seat and table slats, attach the schach to the frame. Cotton canvas strips and Velcro sewn to the three canvas walls, secure to the frame.

The cornucopia schach pattern provides more than half shade, projected as a changing geometric from the moving angle of the sun. At night, the stars shine through.

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