• The sukkah exists as a parametric network of design constraints: of musts and mays and maybes. The essential elements are an overhead condition made out of schach, (ie botanical, ground-grown material--leaves? branches? flowers?--that isn't food) that shades during the day and allows stars to be seen at night, and a geometry of exposure/enclosure that engages the balance suggested by a consenus minimum (but by no means maximum) of at least two and a half walls. To be considered kosher, the sukkah should rigorously observe the dimensional limits and details that we have specified; it should draw the eye and mind's attention upwards; and it should inspire joy. And be a good place to eat dinner. Does this mean you can make a quadrilateral box? Well, yes. Does this mean you must? Well, no. Does this mean you need a "roof"? Or a roof that is distinguishable from walls? You tell us. We invite rigorous interpretation and speculation of the parameters as presented here, showing us how familiar questions can be answered in unforeseen ways.
  • We invite architects, designers, and craftspeople to study and expand on the possibilities of one or more of these seeming design constraints and variables, and to reimagine them as the foundation for new liberties and abilities. The history of the sukkah as a design assignment demands serious attention to detail, but leaves the essential open to a diversity of interpretations. Like the metropolis that surrounds it, Sukkah City will contain a lively conversation of contradictory multitudes.
  • This is a design-build competition: the construction of each of the 12 structures will be the responsibility of each team.
  • Each construction will be funded by Sukkah City through a financial award.
  • A local off-site indoor prefabrication location will be available before the September 19 installation.
  • All 12 structures will be used onsite at Union Square Park between September 19 and 21, and one will be chosen at that time to remain installed throughout the festival of Sukkot.
  • All of the structures will subsequently be displayed between September 25 and 26 at the New York Hall of Science in Queens as part of the NYC Maker Faire.
  • Applicants must register online on or before July 1 2010, by 6 PM EST. There is no registration fee.
  • On July 1, entrants will receive a link to a web site where they can upload their submissions.
  • Entrants must submit their 'virtual board' online, on or before August 1 2010, by 6 PM EST.
  • Entrants will visually communicate their sukkah design as a concept and a construction. We encourage at least two of the following: 1) scaled plan, 2) section or elevation, 3) an interior or exterior perspective/rendering, and 4) a fabrication/construction detail or diagram. Entrants may include additional visuals demonstrating the restraint-based concept and fabrication of their sukkah. Entry may include up to 250 words of explanatory text. Exact visual and technical format for virtual board will be posted here on July 1.
  • Entries are anonymous.
  • Teams should choose one member to represent entry.
  • Sukkah City reserves the right to display, reproduce and publish submitted designs, visual material, text, and other process and event documentation.
  • Additional questions can be addressed to