Yellow Cloud
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Yellow Cloud
“Yellow Cloud” Sukkah in the Union Square creates a unique moment for people, urban vegetation, and the surrounding buildings. Yellow Cloud carries the traditional function of sukkah with contemporary materials as it reflects the fall.

Appropriated for a temporary installation, the Sukkah features recycled, reusable and lightweight materials that accommodate efficient installation and disassembly. The roof consists of the fallen leaves gathered from the Union Square. They are contained within the net hung by the plywood structures. The lightweight roof is supported up by transparent plexi-glass tubes, which allow the visual connectivity of the inside and the outside. The white-colored water in the tubes creates translucent walls, and makes the roof float from the structure.

The design of the Yellow Cloud maximizes the seasonal ambience. Before they are collected and carried out of the city, the golden leaves perform as a light shading device appropriate for the fall.

Undulating performance of the roof shape provides canopy, visual pleasure and interactive experience. The shape is designed with the consideration of intrinsic character of a leaf and the descending form in the center provides structural stability. When people touch the lower part, they can experience the flexibility of the net as the leaves tremble. The openness of the interior space allows for more people to occupy the space. People can hear the sound of the leaves rustling in the breeze which comes in and out through spacing between the tubes.

Yellow Cloud stands as a large leaf when seen from the surrounding buildings around the Union Square.

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