Wraparound Sukkah
Jennie Rivlin Roberts
Wraparound Sukkah
In the Southern United States community begins on the front porch. It is a shady place to sit to feel the breeze, hear the birds sing and welcome neighbors. Away from televisions, air conditioners and computers, life is a bit simpler on the front porch in a rocking chair. It is this life that that has inspired the Wraparound Sukkah, a place that invites entry with four doorways, also allowing for cross-ventilation in climates where heat remains an issue even during the month of Tishrei. During the holiday of Sukkot, when the sukkah becomes the living area of the house, the Wraparound Sukkah also provides privacy with four walls: instead of opening up to a street view, the “porch” opens upward, connecting us to the heavens, through its interlocking trellis. Add Eames style rocking chairs and kick back to watch the stars.

With interlocking-panels, the walls are self-supporting and can be re-arranged to fit a variety of dimensions and configurations. Its lightweight panels have frames made of cypress or the less-expensive Georgia pine, both common and durable woods, with replaceable cotton canvas inserts that can be decorated, as you like. With the re-configurable panels, the sukkah becomes an interactive structure, bringing together family and community, as they re-create their booth each year.

Modularity, portability, and the invitation to personalize, make the Wraparound Sukkah truly modern and functional for families.

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