The Sukkah
Robert Liu, AIA
The Sukkah
The Sukkah is designed with wood frame walls/roofs (leaves/branches/tree) weave together to shelter its fellows.

These walls, on their own, are in somewhat precarious state of balance. It is only in collaboration with the other walls that a stable balance is found.

At the heart of the Sukkah is a light(manna/god), which is floating above the ceremonial area to provide light during the night and comfort to its fellows from
sun and rain during the occasion. The layering of the walls and changing spatial proportions provide sophisticated spatial experiences.

The reinterpretation of the Sukkah is a spatial connection between the past, present and future; it deals with the continuity of iconography through Jewish history and contemporary Jewish identity. In essence it serves as a quiet refuge, a source for mind and body to replenish, and is a place of contemplation and celebration within the bustling environment of New York City.

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