Our Little Sukkah - Sukkah Shellonu
Charles Gross - Adath Emanu-El
Our Little Sukkah - Sukkah Shellonu
The Sukkah, a temporary structure, played an important role in history, as it still does today. It was a place of refuge, allowing farmers to gather after long days of exhausting labor during the harvest. It was positioned in remote locations, far from the comforts of home, and it was movable as the efforts of their labors required. Today, we use it as a gathering place, celebrating the season with gratitude by sharing with friends, family and sojourners in our personal Sukkot.

Our Little Sukkah creates a sense of space with multiple experiences. At the entry court it welcomes you with beautiful atmospheric chimes. Upon entering, it provides a nurturing enclosed feeling, and as you exit you follow the elongated vaulting roof structure that is both functional and spiritual. The merits of the dual entry and the symmetry about the transverse axis enable the experience of the structure to be captured whether one is coming or going.

Additionally, the Sukkah has panel openings on both sides to allow views in all directions. This design feature captures the essence of what was used by Abraham in his dwelling tent some 4,000 years ago. Abraham’s love of peace, kindness, and courtesy to strangers is to be praised and encouraged from generation to generation. We use our Sukkah today as a symbol of an all-inclusive approach to people and religion. Our Little Sukkah creates a place of peaceful gathering for all the faiths to share in spiritually rooted social interaction and conversation.

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