Amber Clouds
ECHo Architects
Amber Clouds
The "Amber Clouds" sukkah envisions protecting its inhabitants in an ethereal glow, emanating from 4-1/2 beeswax walls. Created entirely by elevating three abundant, natural materials (beeswax, wood and cork), the resultant amber sukkah stands as a testament to the ability of human intervention to re-purpose raw materials and elicit a sublime affect in those who reside within.

In keeping with this statement, no synthetic materials are employed. Utilizing a technique perfected through previous material investigations, raw beeswax is melted and poured into 1/4-inch thick panels, which exhibit a remarkable resiliency when cooled.

Panels are inserted into a poplar frame utilizing mortise and tenon joinery techniques, to lock individual elements together. A recessed channel affixes the panels within the frame, while an additional recess in the upper most frame elements receive the "schach" - essentially a cork "drop ceiling."

1/2-inch thick cork tiles have been punched in a pattern based on a cluster of stars, providing protection while paying homage to the heavens above.

The vertical members of the frame become the horizontal purlins of the roof. When the panels and frame are locked together, the sukkah is ready to receive the "schach."
This continuity of walls and ceiling structurally triangulate the sukkah, allowing it to remain for the duration of the Sukkot.

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